3 Generations of Ropers!

Kenny Zamora

The Zamora’s have been in the team roping business since 1974. We are Ropers (3 generations) and producers that have seen and been a part of the evolution of our sport. We have been associated with Denny Gentry since 1989 when he started the New Mexico Championships which ultimately morphed into the USTRC. There is no question that Denny Gentry has been the foremost authority in advancing the team roping industry. We are proud to be associated with organizations such as the USTRC and the World Series. We were the only producers in the United States for several years that produced events for both organizations. Two years ago we had the opportunity to sell our World Series events. We have continued producing USTRC events and expanded our operations to Arizona a few years ago. We have primarily produced ropings in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. We have also produced events internationally.

Our intent is NOT to be a direct competitor of any other team roping organizations. Our mission is simply to provide another platform and option for those Ropers who wish to rope for lower entry fees with higher percentage paybacks as well as nice prizes. We believe that our 100% Payback divisions will change the game. Thus the adoption of the name Game Changer.