2018 Team Roping Champs National Final

The first ever Team Roping Champs Finals is in the books.

We would like to THANK all the Ropers and Sponsors that supported the TRC throughout the year and at the Finals. We had Ropers join from New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, California, Texas as well as Mexico and Canada. We were fortunate enough to pay out over $100,000 in Cash and Prizes at the Finals to Ropers in attendance. Although that’s a modest amount by some standards we are pleased since it was our first year and there was plenty of competition along the way. Ropers quickly have come to realize that the TRC is definitely in the game for the long haul and has the best interests of our customers in mind. We will be expanding in 2019 with many additional qualifiers in different regions as well as affiliate partners to allow Ropers a greater opportunity to participate in the TRC.

Congratulations to all the Champs at the Finals!