Next Team Roping Champs Competition

Good Luck and GO GET THE MONEY,
Kenny Zamora

Welcome to the Team Roping Champs. Our mission is to provide our customers with a platform to showcase their skills and talent in the arena with a lower entry fee structure and still provide a championship quality event. We have developed a hybrid format that will cater to all levels of Roper’s. Our roping’s will feature payoffs from 100% payback, 80% payback as well is a 70% cash and prize payback.


Our goal is to provide every Roper an opportunity to compete on an even playing field for lots of money and prizes without having to travel too far from home and without breaking the bank. We are fully aware that there are many events to choose from these days. We hope that will you will give us an opportunity to provide you with a great roping experience.


We will be utilizing Triad classifications as the primary indicator of your classification at TRC events. However, we reserve the right to number and assign or adjust classifications.



Membership into the TRC is OPTIONAL.
Everyone is welcome.
Must be a TRC member ($50) or purchase event permit ($25) to rope at Qualifiers, to be eligible for Prizes, Extra Runs and Finals Shootout Positions. $25 event permits count towards full membership.


Thanks You to Our Sponsors